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The scagliero castle of Malcesine

The castle of Malcesine is undoubtedly one of the most admired monuments by those who visit Malcesine, but also by those who are familiar with Lake Garda. A visit to the city is incomplete unless you have admired the roofs of the old town from the top of the castle tower at least once. The Scaligero Castle offers not only beautiful views of the lake, and Malcesine, but it also houses several small museums.


The Natural History Museum

As soon as you enter the main door, you can find the Malcesine Museum of Natural History on your left. From the different rooms, you can learn more about the different species of animals and plants that inhabit the slopes of Monte Baldo. Inside the rooms you can also discover interesting information on the life of animals, observe their embalmed bodies and listen to their verses thanks to modern technology.


The Goethe Room

Going up the main staircase, to your right, you will find the castle's arsenal. Built during Austrian rule, today it houses some drawings, and sketches, of a very important celebrity for Malcesine, Goethe. During his trip to Italy, the famous German poet was so enchanted by the castle's views that he wanted to make sketches so as to remember every detail of those places that had struck him so much. The hall of Venetian Convicts Ascending, before entering the castle tower, take time to visit the room dedicated to the Venetian Convicts. There you can learn something more about the local customs of the ancient people of Lake Garda. The Keep of the Scaligero Castle of Malcesine As previously mentioned, the castle tower with its 31 metres in height, offers a unique view of Malcesine's historic centre, Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. The three different environments come together in a unique setting that, at any moment of the day, will doubtlessly conquer you. On the top of the tower, you can also admire the bell that marks the passing of time with its energetic tolls, even today. Installed in 1442, it has now become an inseparable element of the Scaligero Castle. During the course of the year, mainly during the summer, the Castle of Malcesine hosts several temporary exhibitions in its conference room. You can find it on your left as you exit the castle tower.


Getting married at the Castle of Malcesine

If you are on holiday in Malcesine, or just passing through for a short visit, you can come across a small wedding procession walking through the streets of the centre, or boarding a boat for a short sightseeing tour. This can happen several times a day! The Castle of Malcesine has now become one of the favourite places for those who want to crown their dream of love. There is an increasing number of couples who choose this wonderful setting every year for the most important day of their lives. Above all, the Brits find the charm of a Malcesine wedding truly irresistible. It is not so unusual to come across a typical Scottish wedding, complete with men in kilts and bagpipes in accordance with their traditions.