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We are proud to have obtained the GSTC certification for sustainable tourism on 08 November 2022 following the verification process conducted by Vireo srl, an accredited company for the issue and verification of the same certification. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), is a non-profit organization that sets the basic standards for sustainable development in the travel and tourism industry globally.

The Eco Hotel Benacus in Malcesine has always embraced environmental sustainability, through a reduction in energy consumption and drinking water resources, the optimized management of waste, the use of ecological products for cleaning, and the use of regional food products, and the drastic reduction of the use of plastic.

In this process are involved not only our personnel but also our guests who can be an active part in contributing through simple pieces of advice for saving energy and water; moreover, we promote sustainable mobility. Inside our parking lot, you can find a connector to recharge your electric car!

During your stay, leave the car parked at our hotel, you will benefit from your decision by avoiding the stress of traffic and also the planet will benefit from this! You will find the bus stop just 15 meters away, or you can use our city bikes or our pedal-assisted rickshaws!

Our goal is to protect our territory, preserve the environment, save up resources and guarantee the best experience of stay on our Lake Garda in the name of a real eco-sustainability that can be replicated by our future generations.  



Organic Food & Beverage

We prefer foods and beverages that come from certified organic and biodynamic farming, which certifies the absence of chemical pesticides. Some breakfast items come from local producers located within 150 km of the accommodation. We use some products at zero distance and some fair-trade ones. Bread, biscuits, and cakes are homemade. We select local raw, fresh, and seasonal materials. We also have products and dishes for celiacs (gluten-free) in our breakfast. Disposable napkins for breakfast and at the bar are PEFC, FSC or Ecolabel certified, labels that guarantee the responsible management of forests, respecting the economic and social system. We are committed to the fight against plastic, having replaced traditional plastic bottles ones with glass ones. Furthermore, we have also replaced plastic straws with ones made of compostable material.

Bio Architecture and furniture

100% of our furniture is made-in-Italy. The mattresses are certified, hypoallergenic, anti-mite, and fireproof. More than 50% of the fabrics used in the hotel (tablecloths, bed linen, and towels) are environmentally certified. The accommodation has an ornamental and recreational green area, and a garden with beautiful turf, hedges, and various plant species, which promote drainage, environmental redevelopment, and regulate the microclimate. The parking lot was made with DrainBeton: an eco-friendly draining material.

Cleaning and Hygiene

To reduce plastic usage, in the bathrooms, we have installed ecological soap dispensers that are Ecolabel-certified. In all the hotel rooms we use certified ecological detergents that are biodegradable to 98% in 24 hours, to protect the aquifers, guests, and staff. Furthermore, the staff has been taught the correct use of the quantities of those detergents, so that they are never used in doses higher than the ones recommended in the instructions. We make use of an ecological laundry with a UNI EN Iso 14001 certification. Toilet paper and paper towels are environmentally friendly and certified with the ecolabel and/or FSC.

Green Communication

The business cards and brochures/brochures for marketing/promotion you’ll find at the accommodation are printed on eco-friendly material. To reduce paper usage, we prefer to send all our documents in digital form. And for this reason, we use a digitized management system at the reception. If printing is necessary, we use 100% certified ecological paper for stationery uses. On social networks, we share interesting information and activities related to the eco-hotel and the territory. We identify and recognize organic products through tags on the breakfast buffet. In each room, we included an eco-sustainable useful information pamphlet about the reduction of waste in several areas. In particular, you’ll be able to find: Information about the right frequency of washing bed linen; eco-tips on the desk of each room to invite you to save water, while preparing the separate collection of waste, preferring the use of the basket, and to turn off of the lights when leaving the room. This environmental policy is shared with all staff.

Plastic Free

We’re aware that plastic is one of the biggest causes of pollution on our planet: for this reason, we chose supplies and furniture that embrace the concept of plastic free, increasingly replacing the use of plastic with other materials, such as glass, and eliminating as much as possible any single-dose container. Help us save the Planet!


Inside the Hotel, we really care about the separate collection of waste, with special containers, differentiating glass, plastic/metal, aluminum, paper, organic and undifferentiated garbage, according to municipal provisions. The impact of C02 is constantly measured so that constant improvements and compensations can be made and seen. The corks are also differentiated while they’re thrown away, and the old batteries are collected according to the law. Electrical and electronic equipment is transferred to the public collection service operator. Furthermore, many of the suppliers use recycled and/or recyclable packaging for food products. In the rooms, there are eco-tips with important forethoughts to reduce the environmental impact, including instructions for a proper separate collection of waste that can be carried out by dividing plastic, paper, and undifferentiated garbage, using the 3-compartment baskets supplied in each room.

Saving energy

The hotel has a deal with an electricity supply company that delivers energy that comes from 100% renewable sources. We also have a 20KW photovoltaic system that produces energy 365 days a year, while we’re closed (November-March) it pours the energy produced into the networks, as compensation for the energy produced and not used by our hotel. The air conditioning system consists of a Methane absorption heat cooler with heat management, that allows you to cool the rooms and simultaneously produce free domestic hot water up to 75 ° C. More than 90% of the bulb lights installed in the rooms and common areas are LED or have a class A energy efficiency. The structure is equipped with a thermoregulation system in the rooms of both radiators and air conditioning. All the windows of the rooms of the structure are made of certified double-glazed wood and have a high level of thermal and sound insulation. In the rooms, there are eco-tips with important forethoughts about environmental impact, including energy saving.

Saving water

The garden is watered at sunset and in the early hours of the morning, with an adequate irrigation system for the plants, thanks to a special timer. Inside the bathrooms, there is an eco-sticker that invites guests to a more responsible use of towels, asking them to store in the sink only those that they want to be changed. In the rooms, there are eco-tips with important tips about the frequency of washing bed linen. Inside the bathrooms, flow reducers have been installed on the taps of the sink, bidet, and shower. All taps have an average flow of water not exceeding 6 liters/min, while the average flow of water in all showers does not exceed 8 liters/min In the rooms, there are eco-tips with important forethoughts about environmental impact, including water-saving.

We choose green suppliers

We prefer green suppliers with a short supply chain, certified and with eco-sustainable products/services to ensure high quality, in full respect of the environment.

Sustainable Mobility

Cyclists with their bikes will have access to our storage and tools, necessary to carry out any maintenance. Furthermore, the structure offers its guests’ city bikes and pedal-assisted rickshaws and electric scooters. A few meters from the Hotel you’ll find the cycle path that connects the towns of Malcesine and Brenzone, which offers many kilometers of fun. The Hotel Benacus organizes, on request, convenient transfer services for the customers to and from the airports. At the reception, you can find timetables for public transportation, really useful for traveling without pollution and the stress of finding a parking space or traffic. Furthermore, at the reception, we provide all our guests with a map of Malcesine to visit the main tourist places on foot and by public transportation.

Promotion of culture and territory

The reception provides all the information on the best opportunities to discover the surrounding area and how to access it independently and/or through a rich program of excursions in direct contact with nature, organized by local companies.